Credit Course Description

Introduction to Biblical Counselling – This is our foundational course dealing with the need for and the fundamentals of Biblical Counselling. The student will gain an understanding of what is meant by nouthetic counselling and how it differs from the prominent secular and religious counselling models. The student will be introduced to the key elements of the counselling process including data gathering, questioning, homework, giving hope, methods of change and the role of the Holy Spirit in counselling. Other topics include the sufficiency of Scripture, self-esteem and counseling failure. 20 hours of lecture plus additional question and answer sessions with Dr. Adams.
Instructor: Dr. Jay E. Adams
Required textbooks: Competent to Counsel; The Christian Counselor’s Manual

The Use of Scripture in Counseling – Students will receive instruction in the fundamentals of hermeneutics and exegesis as these relate to biblical counseling. 14 hours.
Instructor: Dr. Jay E. Adams
Required textbook: What to do on Thursday, How to Help People Change
Also: Committed to Craftsmanship, Teaching to Observe

Church Discipline – A thorough study of a neglected but vital aspect of counseling and church ministry. Because of the great confusion about and necessity for church discipline in churches today, we make this course available to churches who desire to use it at an elders’ or deacons’ retreat with the goal of helping them arrive at an understanding of the blessing of church discipline and to develop a church policy as to its practice. 5 hours.
Instructor: Dr. Jay E. Adams
Required textbook: Handbook of Church Discipline

Forgiveness – Most counseling cases require at some point the discussion of forgiveness and yet few counsellees have an understanding of the dynamics of Biblical forgiveness. This course examines the basic biblical passages on the subject and identifies the world’s substitutes for forgiveness. 5 hours.
Instructor: Dr. Jay E. Adams
Required textbook: From Forgiven to Forgiving

Theology and Counseling – The entire corpus of Systematic Theology is considered in relation to Biblical counselling. While not a study of any specific theological system the implications of various systems to counselling will be examined. 12 hours.
Instructor: Dr. Jay E. Adams
Required textbooks: The Theology of Counseling, Is All Truth God’s Truth?, Growing by Grace

Counseling Theories and Issues Abroad in the Church Today – An examination of the various alternative models of counselling, both secular and religious, with the goal of applying the doctrine of sufficiency to each. Course includes a description of the counselling landscape today, starting a counselling ministry in the local church, and legal issues in counselling. Several lectures are also devoted to introducing the student to the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors, the NANC certification process, and offers the student practical help taking the NANC examinations. 14 hours.
Instructor: Donn R. Arms
Required textbooks: A Call to Discernment; The End of Christian Psychology (Bobgan)

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