The Faculty

  • Dr. Jay Adams – is the father of the True Biblical counselling movement. He has been teaching and counselling for 50 years and has written most of the books that others use as texts. In fact, most of the other quality training opportunities are led by men who have studied under Dr. Adams and most of their curricula have been derived from Dr. Adams’ pioneering work. While Dr. Adams published his first book on Biblical counselling, Competent to Counsel, almost forty years ago he remains the lead thinker, cutting edge theologian, and philosopher of the movement. While Dr. Adams does not teach all of our courses he works closely with other lecturers who have been invited to teach with him.
  • Experienced Faculty – Both Bill Slattery and Donn Arms are experienced pastors who have been active counsellors for many years. Bill is the pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church which was founded in 1995 and is now a growing and vibrant church.  Donn Arms has trained under Dr. Adams and the late former NANC Executive director Bill Goode. The faculty also includes two medical doctors, Robert Smith and James Halla (both published authors on various topics related to Biblical counselling), and Martha Peace (author of the bestselling book The Excellent Wife).

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