Certificate Studies

The Certificate Course is designed for current and prospective office bearers and prospective Nouthetic Counsellors.  It is for students who commit themselves to study our entire curriculum with the aim of becoming highly proficient and fully equipped to pastor or counsel in every area of life.

The Certificate Programme in Biblical Counselling consists of a projected 160+ hours of instruction in all aspects of Biblical counselling, taught by the Faculty.  All lectures are presented on DVD and are studied by extension at the student’s home and at the student’s pace. Because we are not offering a formal academic degree there are no prerequisites for studying with us.  We do not require achievements tests.   However, we do provide study questions at the end of the notes for each lecture which the student can use to gauge progress and grasp of the material. While the lectures are challenging and are intended to stretch the student both academically and spiritually, they are not overly academic and can be studied profitably by any motivated student who has a growing familiarity with the Scriptures.  In summary, we offer a

  • Comprehensive curriculum, over 160 hours of instruction which is
  • thoroughly Biblical
  • affordable tuition
  • intensely practical

and offers you to

  • study at your own pace on your schedule
  • study at home