Q & A

Is this course accredited in any way? Will a degree be awarded to those who complete the coursework?

No, and no. Upon completion of the coursework graduates will be issued a Certificate which will indicate he/she has completed the course of study with us. While there will be homework assignments (mostly outside reading) we will not be administering tests or requiring research papers in order to measure the student’s progress. Those who enroll in the studies will not be doing so in order to earn a degree. They will be motivated by the desire to be more effectively live and minister the Word of God and will be willing to make whatever sacrifices necessary to become better equipped to serve their Savior.

Completion of our certificate program would be, however, a significant addition to anyone’s ministry resume. Having studied with us would be as welcome a credential as any degree to those who recognize and understand Dr. Adams’ contributions.

If we do not turn homework in to you how can I evaluate my progress?

Course students are committed to complete the course and are not required to turn in homework.  However, after each lecture you will find a page or two of questions in your notes. If you cannot answer the questions adequately you should review the lecture. Some questions simply probe to see if you have grasped the information. Other questions are designed to make you think the material through to an application or implication.

But again, if we do not turn in homework how do you know a student has actually studied the material and has earned the certificate granted at the end of the coursework?

Anyone who wishes to pay the tuition and go through the motions of sending courses back and forth just to get a certificate to hang on the wall may certainly do so…but they will have significant stewardship issues to answer for at the Judgment Seat. Anyone who does so and tries to counsel others anyway will certainly be quickly discovered by his incompetence. The typical NCNZ student is not motivated by the desire to receive a degree or one more piece of paper to hang on the wall. He will be motivated by the desire to serve his Lord and minister His Word as effectively as possible.

I understand Dr. Adams is a strong Calvinistic, a millennial Presbyterian and for example Donn has a Baptist (GARBC) background. How can you work together?

Respectfully.  They have far more in common than the few things we understand the Bible to teach differently. They believe in the deity of Christ, His virgin birth, substitutionary atonement, His bodily resurrection, His ascension into glory, and His coming again. They believe in the inerrancy, the inspiration, the authority, the superiority and the sufficiency of the Scriptures. They believe in the Trinity, Creation, the Fall, Satan, Angels, a universal flood, the doctrines of grace, heaven, a literal hell, the cessation of the revelatory gifts, the local church, marriage, the family and on and on the list could go. Herein lies their strength.

I have a question about something presented in a lecture. Who can I ask about it?

John is available to answer your questions about coursework or any other aspect of our program. You can contact him by e-mail, or by phone at any time.

I am involved in a perplexing counseling case. Can I call for advice?

Certainly, but all we will be able to do is offer general advice and general principles. We will not be able to help with specific counseling cases as we would need to be present ourselves, ask the questions we want to ask, observe reactions, and be able to follow the case through several sessions to be of any help specifically. We are confident that our students will be able to take from our courses the principles they need and learn to apply them to the cases God brings into their lives.

May I copy any of the lectures so I can refer to them later?

No. The lectures are copyright material and are being loaned to you to study. You will keep the notes that are included with each course for future reference.

What will happen if I do make a copy?

Your conscience will smite you and you will not be able to sleep.

I would like to have my entire church staff take this training. Can we study as a group? Are there any group discounts available?

Yes, and yes. We cannot think of a better way to study for the following reasons:

  • The accountability with other students
  • A regular meeting time each week
  • Interaction about covered material and lesson questions
  • The possibility of scheduling occasional Q & A sessions with an instructor as a group

We may be able to offer group discounts…we do want to help and promote group study as much as we can. See the ‘study as a group’ page for details about group study discounts.

How long will it take me to complete the certificate program?

We project that the entire curriculum will include about 160 hours of recorded instruction. Add to that the amount of time it will take you to read the equivalent of about 15 books. From that you will have to do the math figuring in how many hours each week you plan to devote to your studies subtracting the weeks you will be on vacation or not studying for whatever reason.

What can I do to help you?

Several things:

  • Pray.
  • Enroll.
  • Encourage. E-mail us with your comments.
  • Advertise. Tell others about the Institute and urge them to check out our web site
  • Form a group to study with you.

What about licensing or certification by the state? Will your training satisfy any of the government’s licensing requirements that would lead to becoming a Licensed Social Worker, Professional Counselor, Marriage and Family Therapist, or other type of mental health professional?

This is a frequently asked question. We would respond with questions of our own. What branch or agency of either the federal, state, or local government has jurisdiction over the ministry of the Word of God? Would you want there to be such a government entity? By what criteria should such an agency make their evaluations? What would you do if such an agency concluded you were not qualified to teach the Word of God? Would you then stop ministering God’s Word?  If you are seeking to become a professional counsellor in the world’s system apart from the church of Jesus Christ then frankly, you would not be happy with the training you receive from us.