Study as a group

Many of our students have found studying as a group to be a great way to learn. The group dynamic makes the lectures even more enjoyable and the accountability and structure that a group situation affords can be a great blessing. We want to do all we can to promote studying as a group.

Any study group will require one person to serve as the group facilitator. He will be the point man between NCNZ and the group. He will be responsible to organise, schedule and communicate with the group members. He will collect applications, fees and tuition from the group members and will be responsible to order and receive the lecture materials. We will send study notes for each member of the group but only one set of DVDs for the group to view together. The person who serves as the group facilitator will receive a 50% tuition discount.

All members of the group will be expected to make a firm commitment to be faithful to the scheduled study meetings of the group. Each member of the group will be required to submit a separate application and commitment form and the $100 deposit (or a $100 deposit for any married couple participating), or a $250 deposit for groups of 5 students or more.  Each student will receive a 30% tuition discount as a member of the group. A minimum of five students is required to receive the group discount. If there are married couples studying as a part of the group one will receive the normal 30% discount and the second may take a 50% discount.

From time to time it may be possible to arrange for Q & A sessions between the group and one of the instructors.  If you are interested in forming a group and have any questions please contact us.

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